Hello Summer Season Families,

Summer Season 2023 was one of the best playoffs we have ever had.  So many games decided by 10 or less and most went down to the wire.  Fans were into it and the players and coaches brought their A games. 

Thanks for support and we look forward to seeing you all in an upcoming season.  Please join me in congratulating our Championship teams!  Playoffs page has been updated with results and pictures and can be viewed at the link below.

Summer 2023 Playoffs – Alley-Oop Youth Basketball

1st Place

Varsity Senior Gold - HWA Clamp City, MVP Ryan Gabriel

Varsity Senior Silver – Knights, MVP Coach Cloudy

Varsity Gold – Ninjas, MVP Coach Chui

Varsity Silver – Flight, MVP MJ Chui

Varsity Bronze – TQ Elite Grey, MVP Jonathan Gaden

JV Gold – Warriors, MVP Beck Troutman

JV Silver – Swish Kebabs, MVP Rinoa Albayalde

JV Bronze - Phantom Bears, MVP Sam Wick

Frosh Gold – Leverage Frosh, MVP Siegfried Salonga

Frosh Silver – JW, MVP Coach Kelly


2nd Place

Varsity Senior Gold – Yolox

Varsity Senior Silver – NLPB 6th/7th

Varsity Gold – AEF Warriors Jr

Varsity Silver – Hawk Hoops 11U Orange

Varsity Bronze - NLPB 4th/5th

JV Gold – ZiBallers

JV Silver – ZiBallers Red

JV Bronze  – B Ballers JV

Frosh Gold – Leverage Girls

Frosh Silver - Hawk Hoops 8U Orange