Congratulations to all teams on another RECORD BREAKING Springs Season!!!

It is now time for the Playoffs!  Make sure you gets some rest.  Lots of games to be played!  Some divisions will have up to 4 rounds.

IThe game schedule is an excel spreadsheet, get to it by clicking on the link below.  Once you open it, find the tabs along the bottom.  Look for the ones that say "Friday MAP", "Friday AIM", and "Saturday Marina" to find your court and game time.  There are other tabs that show the brackets and seedings by division.  Those pages will make games in subsequent rounds easier to find.

Saturday's schedule is subject to change based off the results of Friday's games due to potential Coaching conflicts.

Also if you are viewing with an Iphone look at the schedule tabs with "UnFormatted" in the title.  Iphones typically have issues displaying the schedule on the formatted pages.

Games are on Friday (5/18) and Saturday (5/19).  On Friday Games will be played at MAP and AIM Sports Plex.  Saturday Games will only be played at Marina HS.


Any questions call/text the "Commish" at 562.673.4444

Spring Season 2018 Playoffs Schedule, Brackets, and Results

Updated 5/19/18 7:53 AM PST

Click here to view the file: alley-oop season 16 playoff brackets - v8.xlsx

Please join me in congratulating the Championship teams!


Champions Season 16:

Varsity Senior Gold – #Hoops
Varsity Senior Silver - Beach City Ballers
Varsity Senior Bronze - Jayhawks
Varsity Girls Gold – Dynamic
Varsity Girls Silver - Celtics
Varsity Gold – Swoosh
Varsity Silver – AFMC Avengers
Varsity Bronze - Lakers Varsity
Junior Varsity Girls Gold - Bballerz
Junior Varsity Girls Silver - Pretty Ballers
Junior Varsity Gold – ACES - South
Junior Varsity Silver – Beach City Ballers JV
Junior Varsity Bronze – Playmakers
Freshmen Gold - ACES - Frosh
Freshmen Silver - SGV Girls 2 Blue
Freshmen Bronze - Cyclones

Varsity Senior Gold – Rojo Grande
Varsity Senior Silver - Penguins
Varsity Senior Bronze - AAYBL - Sparks
Varsity Girls Gold – Storm
Varsity Gold - #Hoops Varsity
Varsity Silver – Panthers
Varsity Bronze - AFMC Hurricanes
Junior Varsity Girls Gold - SGV Girls 3 Blue
Junior Varsity Girls Silver - Sparks JV
Junior Varsity Gold – HB Lakers
Junior Varsity Silver – AAYBL - Hawks
Junior Varsity Bronze – Big Bang JV
Freshmen Gold - Kaba
Freshmen Silver - Flight
Freshmen Bronze - AAYBL - Spartans