A word about AVAC Alley-Oop and our dynamic service offering:

AVAC Alley-Oop Youth Basketball's mission is to bring high quality basketball to the youth in the communities it serves.  The goal is to get the youth in the local community to develop a passion for the great sport of basketball.  We do this by offering first class basketball leagues and club teams.
  • Our youth league (1st thru 8th Grade) is a first class basketball league and is open to individuals and teams.  Our league is a great way for individuals to get exposure to the competitive basketball scene.  Whether kids are beginners or advanced they have fun playing Alley-Oop as it gets the kids immediately introduced to the sport so that they get a good idea of whether or not they like the sport.  Most that play whether they are experienced or not enjoy playing in the league.  AVAC Alley-Oop is a great way for teams to get more reps to develop.  Teams can play in Alley-Oop and add consistent and competitive basketball games to their schedules.  Whether the teams play flag football, baseball, or club basketball Alley-Oop offers great competition for all levels.  We do this by having a playoff system in which we group teams of similar levels against each other.  AVAC Alley-Oop playoffs are always highly competitive and fun.
  • Our club teams span from youth to high school.  Our youth program, Alley-Oop 360, plays in the league and in tournaments.  We provide great coaching and training to develop players and we add in league games and Tourney games so our players get maximum reps and maximum exposure.  This model has proven success and many kids in the local area have combined League play and tourney play and have made big impacts at their high school and in college.  Our high school program, #Hoops, serves as HS off season program to allow players to continue to build on their craft when HS programs wind down.

Mission of Alley-Oop Youth Basketball:

Our Mission is simple: make a great experience and environment for all players, families, and coaches.

Alley-Oop Youth Basketball brings this mission to life by:

  • Offering the best product in the local area - you will soon find out we offer so much for a great price.
  • Creating great competition and fun for all that join - by re-seeding in the playoffs teams Alley-Oop strives to place teams in divisions were they can compete and elevate their game to the next level. This will maximize the excitement of each game played when winning counts the most!
  • Keeping the league affordable - we have a low registration fee and a low door fee.
  • Providing state of the art facilities - all games will be held at a world class facility, The MAP, in Garden Grove and/or AIM, in Seal Beach.
  • PROVIDING secured and scheduled COURT TIME - we are the first and only league to incorporate gym time into one low price.
  • OFFERING NO HIDDEN FEES - all fees are known up front.
  • Providing fair and consistent officiating - we don't guarantee the referees will always make the right call but we will do our best to exhibit professionalism and consistency.
  • Many more - you have to join the league to experience the rest!

Core Values of the league:

  • Teamwork
  • Sportsmanship
  • Camaraderie
  • Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Safety
  • Community
  • FUN!

Objectives for the kids:

  • Develop a passion for basketball
  • Improve basketball skills
  • Learn the true meaning of team work
  • Exhibit great sportsmanship
  • HAVE FUN!!!

About the Commissioner and President of Alley-Oop Youth Basketball, LLC:

The founder of Alley-Oop Youth basketball is Bryan Gray, active community resident and proud father of two boys. Bryan has over 20 seasons of coaching experience in multiple sports and has spent a majority of the past 5 years coaching football and basketball. He is passionate about sports, coaching, and improving the youth sports landscape in Orange County. He started this league because he came to realize that the Orange County and Long Beach areas are serious youth sports communities and deserve the very best. Bryan believes the communities have been under-served by the available sports leagues and sees many ways how the players and coaches can be better served. He is committed to delivering the best youth basketball league that the area has ever seen. Come join the league and find out!

League Structure:

The league will have 4 seasons Fall (Season runs Mid August - End of October, registration June - August), Winter (Season runs December - Last week of January, registration August - October), Spring (Season runs Mid March - First week of May, registration January - March), Summer (Season Mid June - Last week of July, registration April - May).

The league will be divided into 4 divisions based on grade:

  • Freshmen - 1st/2nd Grade
  • Junior Varsity - 3rd/4th Grade
  • Varsity - 5th/6th Grade
  • Varsity Senior - 7th/8th Grade

Depending on the teams and players that register, divisions will be Co-ed or split up boy/girl.

The divisions will be further broken down for the playoffs and teams are placed in subdivisions based on their performance during the regular season. This allows for very competitive playoffs and more teams having a chance at the Big Trophy!

  • Gold division - Top teams
  • Sliver division - Middle teams
  • Bronze division - Lower teams

Re-seeding - after the second game, teams have the potential to be re-seeded.  We do our best to schedule teams appropriately in divisions upfront but it is not a perfect science. So what we do at Alley-Oop after the first two games of the season we review the results and see where the teams are at. Then we sometimes tweak the remaining schedule of the season to improve the competition of the games. This results in better match ups by aligning experience level and skill level of each team. That way everyone has a chance to compete and have fun. This too is based on how many teams and players are in the league.