Congratulations to all teams on a fantastic Summer Season!!!

It is now time for the Playoffs!  Make sure you gets some rest.  Lots of games to be played!

The game schedule is an excel spreadsheet, get to it by clicking the link below.  Once you open it find the tabs along the bottom.  Look for the ones that say "Thursday Game Schedule" and "Friday Game Schedule" to find your court and game time.  There are other tabs that show the brackets and seedings by division.

Also if you have Iphone look at the schedule tabs without "Formatted" in the title.  Iphones typically have issues seeing the schedule on the formatted pages.

Thursday (7/27) games will be at AIM Sports Plex and Oak Middle School and on Friday (7/28) games will be at AIM Sports Plex


Any questions call/text the "Commish" at 562.673.4444

Summer 2017 Playoffs Schedule, Brackets, and Results

Updated 7/28/2017 8:45AM PST

Click here to view the file: alley-oop season 13 playoff brackets - v5.xlsx

Please join me in congratulating the Championship teams!


Champions Season 13:

Varsity Senior Gold – Los Al Prairie Dogs
Varsity Senior Silver - United
Varsity Senior Bronze - Team Swoosh
Varsity Gold – Penguins
Varsity Silver – Clippers
Varsity Bronze - Warriors
Junior Varsity Gold – #Hoops JV
Junior Varsity Silver – H.V. Aces
Junior Varsity Bronze – Shockers
Junior Varsity Girls Gold - Hoopstarz
Junior Varsity Girls  Silver - Red Hots
Freshmen Gold - H.V. Aces Frosh
Freshmen Silver - Lob City
Freshmen Silver - SoCal Savages

2nd Place Finishers of Season  13:

Varsity Senior Gold – #Hoops
Varsity Senior Silver - South Bay Storm
Varsity Senior Bronze - Jayhawks
Varsity Gold - Long Beach Sharks
Varsity Silver –Mambas
Varsity Bronze - Big Bang Varsity
Junior Varsity Gold –AFMC Lakers
Junior Varsity Silver –Mambas JV
Junior Varsity Bronze – AFMC Hurricanes
Junior Varsity Girls gold – Lincoln
Junior Varsity Girls Silver – Lady United
Freshmen Gold - Dominican Elite Bears Frosh
Freshmen Silver - RSP
Freshmen - Hoopers