Hello Summer Season Families,


Teams have been formed!! 


This is notification for those that are free agents or for teams using gymtime with Alley-Oop.


If you have registered and you do not see your child on a team.  Contact me ASAP 562.673.4444


To access your team page go to the Alley-Oop website www.alley-oopyouthbasketball.com , Log in, on your main page you will see your team.  You can click on it and you will see your team page.  Also you can download the Free TeamSnap app.  If you log in to the TeamSnap app you will also see your team page.  The team page will contain your roster and schedule.  Teams can easily communicate with one another from the app.


Coaches should be in contact within the next 24 hours.  Also a few coaches are still in the process of registering and so some teams do not have a coach listed or a schedule on their team page. 


Please note: Check you practice schedule as practice start this week.  And some start  on Monday 6/21


Remeber to show up to practice with a ball.  All players need to bring a ball. 


 **Important Notes about Facilities**

The Map Sports Facility

Address: 12552 Western Ave, Garden Grove

How do I find court? When you walk in there is a TV monitor look for your team name and proceed to the court.  Sometimes the TV is not up and running, if that happens find a person at the front desk and they will let you know.  The court listed on the schedule is just a place holder it will not be correct, the MAP assigns the court name the day of.


Oak Middle School


Address: 10821 Oak St, Los Alamitos, CA

How do I find court? There are 2 courts in this facility we have designated them courts 1 and 2.  One team will take one side and one will take the other.  They are the exact same.  
There are two options for parking at Oak.  You can either park in the community center lot off of Oak Street or the parking lot that is behind City Hall which is off Katella Avenue and Civic Center Drive.  The gym if your looking at the school from Oak Street is to your left.  Just keep walking towards the school past the community center and playground.

**COVID PROTOCOLS AT OAK - Currently  Oak has a strict COVID policy.  They require masks to be worn at all times.  Kids can take a breather but it must be worn for the most part.  They will have a zero tolerance policy so please help us avoid any issues by complying with their rule.  It is highly likely it could change very soon but that is their policy for now.



Best Regards,
Bryan Gray

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