Congratulations to all teams on another Great Summer Season!!!

It is now time for the Playoffs!  Make sure you gets some rest.  Lots of games to be played!  Some divisions will have up to 3 rounds.

The game schedule is an excel spreadsheet, get to it by clicking on the link below.  Once you open it, you will get to the playoffs page and there will be a link on that page to a file.  Once you open the file you will see it is a spreadsheet, find the tabs along the bottom.  Look for the ones that say "Friday MAP" or "Saturday Marina" to find your court and game time.  There are other tabs that show the brackets and seedings by division.  Those pages will make games in subsequent rounds easier to find.

Saturday's schedule is subject to change based off the results of Friday's games due to potential Coaching conflicts.

Also if you are viewing with an Iphone look at the schedule tabs with "UnFormatted" in the title.  Iphones typically have issues displaying the schedule on the formatted pages.

Games are on Friday (7/30) and Saturday (7/31).  Friday Games will be at MAP.  Saturday games will be at Marina.


Any questions call/text the "Commish" at 562.673.4444

For Summer Season Playoffs Schedule, Brackets, and Results.

Please click link below:

Summer 2021 PlayOffs – Alley-Oop Youth Basketball

The latest file will have V3 on the title.

Parents please keep in mind some simple rules to have a fun on game night:

  • Cheer for your own child if you happen to talk to another player make it to say something positive.
  • If you have an issue with something during the game please see your Coach.  They are the only ones that can talk to refs or scorekeepers.   Also they are made aware of in game details that you may not be aware of.  If parents approach scorekeepers or refs or harass Alley-Oop staff technicals will be assessed.  We are committed to making the best possible experience but we will need your help in making the environment great.
  • Have fun and enjoy the excitement.  Alley-Oop is all about development during the regular season and competitive playoffs.  Playoffs is when winning matters and we do our best to match teams up to have a competitive playoffs.  This level of competition brings out high energy.  Do your best to be positive and have fun.

Last Note - T-Shirts are in and they are hot hot hot!!!!  Kids will surely love them.  We do not give participation trophies as trophies are for winning or 2nd place finishers.  Kids love wearing them T-shirts, they love to proudly display that they had the grit to grind it through an Alley-Oop season!  We will hand them out to Coaches and they will distribute to the players.

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