***Games this weekend – PLEASE READ***

Hello Alley-Oop Fall Season Families,

A great weekend of HOOPS is coming!

We sent out an update Wednesday and wanted to follow -up on some key points.  Please read and thanks for your cooperation. 

  • Uniforms - It is looking like uniforms will not be getting here on time.  The uniform company has work force shortages (like the rest of the state) and they are not able to accommodate their normal turn around times. For this week we are asking for the teams awaiting unforms to wear white t-shirt if you are the home team or if you are the visiting team please wear black or navy blue shirt.  Uniforms will be in by next week.  Maybe even by tomorrow but for this weekend please follow the guidance above.
  • MAP COVID Protocols - #1 STAY HOME IF YOUR SICK!  Masking is optional for vaccinated people.  If your not vaccinated we ask you to wear a mask.  If a player is unvaccinated we ask them to keep the mask on until they get to the court.  Once on the court they can be removed.
  • JOHNSON MIDDLE SCHOOL COVID Protocols - #1 STAY HOME IF YOUR SICK!  EVERYONE MUST WEAR Masks when on the premises and the gym.  Players need to keep them on until they get to the court.  Once on the court they can be removed.  When we are someone elses house we follow their rules.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Please don't make us ask you.  But we will if we need to.

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