Hello Alley-Oop Spring Season Families,

Opening Night weekend was off the hook!!!  So many close games, 4 OT Games!!!!  Fans were excited and kids were hoopin!  Now time for some more basketball action!

We made a big announcemen a couple of weeks agot!  Shoot 360 is offerring a free training to Alley-Oop teams.  Each week we will select teams to take advantage of this great deal.  Shoot 360 is a state of the art basketball training facility located within the MAP.  They are going to open it up to for Alley-Oop teams once a week for the season.  They secure the whole facility for our group.  It is 7-8pm each week.  We will notify teams in this weekly announcement and send them a direct message in TeamSnap and put it on the teams calendar.  This training session is truly free and the kids just get a change to try out their very nice equpiment (shooting machines and digital dribbling stations).  The kids will surely love it.  Parents are welcomed and encouraged to come and watch.  Attached is the flyer.

Third group of teams selected to participate in the shoot 360 team training are Clippers, Blazers, and Phenoms.!  Their training day is today 3/30

Next week 4/6 the lucky teams are OC Bricklayers, Monstars, and Legacy.  Each team will be notified individually with further instructions,

The Following week 4/13 Legacy West, Hoopers, and Showtime have been selected.   Each team will be notified individually with further instructions,

More games this week! Games will be Friday (4/1) and Saturday (4/2).

Schedules were reposted on Friday Night.  Games times changed be sure to triple check schedule and if using the App make sure  you referesh!

Please read the important info for the week:

Game Schedule – You can view schedule on the TeamSnap app, your teamsite that you can view by logging into our website, or go to our public website and go the the Team Central page and click schedule.

PLAYERS NEEDED - Need 3 - 1st/2nd, 2 - 3rd/4th, 2 - 5th/6th

This week games will be at MAP (Friday) and Marina HighSchool (Saturday)

MAP - 12552 Western Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92841

Marina School - 15871 Springdale St, Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Uniforms - They will arrive in time and we will have them at the games a few late signups may have to wait an additional week.  Wear a Tshirt similar in color to your teams uniform.

Parking on GAME NIGHTS - On Friday we are at the MAP.  Sometimes the lot gets full.  Therefore, to find exra parking please park on Western East of Lampson or on Anaconda Ave and Lampson. On Saturday we are at Marina and there is plenty of parking there.

For those not familiar with the Alley-Oop website here is some helpful info.

Rules – Alley-Oop leverages the high school rules with some exceptions.  We have those rules posted on the website on the about us drop down.  The link is below:


FAQ - Some are not aware that at the time registration opens at the beginning of each season we post a FAQ page for the season that has helpful information about the upcoming season.  I encourage you to review it so you can take a look at the type of information it has so that when the next season rolls around you know what kind of information is at your finger tips. For those that read registration emails the information is virtually the same just in question format.  We like to keep all armed with info!


PARENTS -  Coaches Coach, Players Play, and Fans Cheer.  Also please keep in mind no going to the scorekeepers table.  If there is an issue talk to your Coach or go to a Commissioner.

Uniforms - Coaches have been notified.  Players must have the same matching uniforms.  Pleae make sure the teams have uniforms that match.  So please remeber to have your player bring their uniform.

Important Dates and other info -

  • Spring T-Shirts - The coveted league T's are in the design phase.  We got another crowd pleaser in the works.  We will be handing them out towards the end of April.  We hand them to the coach on a game day and they hand them out to the players.  If your team doesn't play that week we will hand them to the team at their next game.
  • Playoffs/Championship Start 5/6 and End 5/7 (Playoff schedule comes out Wednesday 5/4 LATE)
  • Playoffs and Championships – The playoffs and championships are 5/6 and 5/7.  Those games are not on the schedule yet.  The schedules for those games come out after the regular season games are complete.  The schedule will be posted on 5/4 by 10pm.  Every team makes the playoffs so save the dates.  Also teams are put in separate divisions based on the performance during the regular season.
  • SAFETY/First AID - Ice and band aids are at the scorers table of the Alley-Oop court at the MAP and court 2 at Marina.

Have FUN!!

If you have read even just a bit of this, thanks a bunch!

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Bryan Gray

Alley-Oop Youth Basketball