Alley-Oop is expanding out to the San Gabriel Valley and our first event will be a Skills Clinic in Pasadena.

Exclusive to Alley-Oop players and teams

Alley-Oop is teaming up with some great Trainers from Alley-Oop 360 Club Program to bring top notch skills training to the players of the league. Training will focus on improving ball handling, shooting, athleticism, endurance with goal of improving every players overall game. The trainers of Alley-Oop 360 have had much success in improving players from all levels and now we are bringing it to the players of Alley-Oop.

Skills Clinics will be offered at the Boys and Girls Club of Pasadena. The skills clinic sessions were a huge success in Orange County and we have been asked to bring them to Pasadena. We will be offering this program in the Spring Season. The fee is a $99. The clinics are geared towards complimenting your players weekly practice with skills training. If your child is interested improving their game and having fun at the same time then this clinic is for you:

  • You will need to sign up before the first session which starts 3/15.
  • There will be a sufficient number of Trainers present to handle different age levels and skill levels.
  • Registration 2/26-3/15.
  • Clinic will start 3/15 and finish 5/10.  The clinic will be 6:15 - 7:15 pm.  It will follow the Alley-Oop season, the clinic will run each week of the season.
  • 9 Sessions for $99. Or you can do walk in and pay $20 per session.

Please come to clinic ready to work and arrive on time!

FAQ About The Clinic:

  1. What to Bring? Just bring Positive attitude, water, basketball, and the Trainers will take care of the rest!
  2. Where and When? Clinic is on Friday's 6:15 - 7:15 pm at the Boys and Girls Club of Pasadena, 3230 E Del Mar Blvd, Pasadena CA. we will have multiple trainers there to work with kids of all ages and skill levels.
  3. It starts 3/15 and will end 5/10.
  4. How do I find the clinic once at the facility? When you walk-in to the facility you will proceed to the basketball courts.  You will be greeted by Coaches on the courts.  They will be wearing Shirts that say "Alley-Oop Staff" on them.

Contact Benny Hoang Alley-Oop 360 Club Director 805.266.8073 for more information.

To register CLICK HERE.